The beer bar, coffee bar, deli, gourmet eatery, market area and wine bar

The second day has started in an atmosphere of excitement.

Visitors are flocking in and our catering areas are open and serving finger food made with ingredients from around the world. Typical ingredients like salmon from the north of Europe, rice and tuna maki from Asia and feijoada from South America, all cleverly re-interpreted by professional chefs in true Italian style.

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And don't forget to drink a toast with this year's new arrival: beer! Specially formulated for our Melting Pot as a homage to our German hosts and brewed by a craft brewery in a village of only 100 inhabitants in northern Bavaria, this unique beer is expertly served in an area specially furnished with a traditional bar and taps.

And there's a coffee bar too, artfully illuminated by an Arneg rear service cabinet, plus the warmth of our deli area and a fashionable gourmet eatery signed by Intrac and Oscartielle. And every one of these areas shows visitors just how simple it is to choose contemporary and elegant furnishings.

Our market area refocuses on the Arneg Group's core business, supermarkets. Aneg refrigerated cabinets and shelving are ideal for displaying all kinds of product, even in tight spaces.

The day ends in the wine bar, where Arneg World brand wines are served to accompany the gourmet delicacies from the catering areas.

Come back tomorrow to discover the other areas of our stand!

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