Five are the new cabinets that have joined Arneg Russia model range and each of them is of a particular interest:


1. A new open multideck NAHODKA due to optimization  of the technological processes and vast usage of local materials looks very attractive from the point of view of price, yet guaranteeing traditionally reliable performance distinctive for ARNEG products.

It is designed mainly for big shopping areas and in particular discounters, but can also be used in other formats depending on  personal preferences of an owner.  The cabinet offers both big useful volume and display area, due, in particular, to deeper shelf (600 mm)/



2. SURGUT offers a series of build features that make it particularly suitable for discounter shops: sturdy construction, extra-deep base and wall-mounted shelves (800 mm) that allow the cabinet to be used as a storage area for packaged goods, easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

The permissible load on the basic shelf is 350 kg / sq.m., and on the wall-mounted shelves - due to the presence of the front uprights- 240 kg / sq.m. 



3. YALTA is a new serve-over counter at affordable price. This model is aimed for small simple shops yet not lacking the traditional Arneg high performance. It is made in a modern square style ensuring pretty good overview of the products on display. The cabinet has a built-in compressor and non-ventilated refrigeration.



4. OMSK BT stands out for its useful loading volume. The increased depth of the base module makes it the most spacious in the whole range of such cabinets. The large display area allows to display important quantities of products, while at the same time providing more storage space for goods.



5. PALANGA is an innovative line of cabinets that distinguishes for its reduced floor area, minimum visual impact, excellent product visibility. PALANGA ensures optimal operation conditions guaranteeing food preservation. The model is available in TN and BT versions.