On 11th April 2016, the first 12 websites went online:

Arneg Italia, Oscartielle, Intrac, Arneg France, Arneg Deutschland, Arneg Espana, Arneg Portuguesa, Arneg Russia, Arneg Bangkok, Arneg Canada, Arneg Brasil and Arneg Oceania.

All were created with ARNEGCROSSMEDIASYSTEM, the innovative multi-language, multi-country crossmedia platform, and produced with the support of the most advanced digital technology, to provide high-performing single global management of all Arneg World companies within a sole environment.

ACMS will be the indispensable tool for promoting a more homogenous, recognisable coordinated image of the Group's corporate identity: well-structured, synergistic and dynamic. A strategy aimed at optimising performance and making the communication process more effective, thus reinforcing brand identity at an international level.

Crossmediality, the root of the ARNEGCROSSMEDIASYSTEM acronym, is the key element of this innovative digital platform.

The platform allows use and connection of various types of media: web, reserved areas, IOS and Android mobile apps and traditional printed publications.

Furthermore, integration with all of the most popular Social Networks favours full management and use of all the information available through the site, whatever the user location and device used. Now, more than ever, confirming the global nature of Arneg World, increasingly tuned-in to the modern way of living: shared, interactive and without boundaries.

The new TOTAL RESPONSIVE WEB SITES feature a brand new, fully updated contemporary layout for a new generation user experience. Complete unification of graphics and the corporate and promotional communication of each individual company within the Group is precisely aimed at the user immediately experiencing that dynamic, synergistic unit and powerful consistency which contribute to Arneg World's strength.

Now available online for the first time, the shared Arneg World global catalogue can be constantly modified and quickly and easily updated by individual companies within the Group, as can the news pages open to contributions from all companies in order to provide complete, up-to-date information. There has been a major improvement in internal data management optimisation and effective presentation of the extraordinary range of products and integrated solutions which sets Arneg World apart in the international market.

The product showcase site, with simplified graphics and symbol logic, has been completely reorganised for simpler, fast data access.

Every product profile is constantly upgraded with all kinds of information, including catalogues, use and installation manuals, sales presentations, data sheets, photos and videos. It can all be easily downloaded to every kind of device.

The customised product search is an amazing user tool which allows a range of filters to be applied in order to identify the best solution for every requirement.

The new shareable Photo gallery – improved with brand new content – allows users to view and download images simply, and get information on stores or manufacturing sites.

All Arneg World sites are created with SSL (https:) technology which offers greater customer privacy, safety and data protection.

The reserved area - revised for improved access and also updatable by Group companies – is going global giving the users the most in-depth information about Arneg World companies, products and services. The registration procedure has been designed to allow ARNEG WORLD users to log in to various Group company reserved areas with a single password.