LISBONA LF 1C 105/216

Working temperature

+2°C / +4°C
+4˚C / + 6˚C
Normal temperature
Remote condensing unit
<p>Ventilated refrigeration</p>
<p>Off-cycle defrost</p>
<p>R 404a</p>
<p>Medium surface</p>
<p>Cash & carry</p>
Fresh milk
Fruit & vegetables
IV gamma pre-packed fruit & veg

Designed to grant the utmost enhancement,  the new vertical Lisbona fits any shopping area and offers 12% more "facing" than the previous generation of vertical cabinets with the evaporator in the basin. The model equipped with double air curtain ensuring the invariable refrigeration capacity has minor energy consumption.

Length without ends
Horizontal display surface
Net volume
1250 mm
4.80 m2
1195 dm3
1875 mm
7.10 m2
1793 dm3
2500 mm
9.50 m2
2390 dm3
3750 mm
14.30 m2
3585 dm3
TSC 2159
6 m2
1726 dm3
Cross Section