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F-gas Regulations

Moving towards the use of natural gases


F-Gas epoch decline

While promoting the environmentally friendly refrigerants, we have long focused on reducing the use of the most polluting gases because we care about the future of the planet.

Many countries around the world, having signed up to the Montreal and Kyoto Protocols, are seeking to mitigate climate change by reducing the greenhouse effect and emissions of ozone-depleting substances. Among the concrete actions in this area are the Russian Federation's regulations on the use of hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs.


The following normative documents have been signed and are in force in Russia in terms of regulation of the subject area "Greenhouse gases":

  1. Decree No. 66 of 04/11/2020 on reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Federal Law 296 of 02/07/2021 on limitation of GHG emissions.
  3. Decree No. 206 of 18/02/2022 on measures of state regulation of consumption and handling of substances which deplete the ozone layer.
  4. Decree No. 707 of 20/04/2022 on approving the Rules for submission and verification of reports on greenhouse gas emissions, etc.

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