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Preventive assistance

Scheduled technical assistance for maximum efficiency


A professional preventive assistance service


Want to keep your refrigeration systems running at peak performance? Ask Arneg for a personalised preventive assistance contract.

Under our unique preventive assistance contract, you can leave all your maintenance work to us and avoid having to deal with multiple suppliers.

We arrange two assistance sessions, one in early summer and one in the winter, during which our specialist technicians check and verify every aspect of your systems to make sure everything keeps operating at maximum efficiency.

Here are just some jobs our technicians perform:

  • Condenser washing
  • Oil acidity test
  • Filter changes
  • Electrical check-up

Why choose this contract?


Our preventive assistance contract offers numerous advantages, especially if you operate over 10 points of sale:

  • Preventive maintenance for fewer breakdowns and faults
  • Lower maintenance and assistance costs
  • Scheduled and personalised maintenance
  • Regular checks on system efficiency

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