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Guided visit for children of employees


In the summer of 2023 children of the employees of Arneg Russia visited our factory and saw with their own eyes where their parents work. Children had been  looking forward to this visit during the whole school year, because every child is interested to know where his/her mum and dad works. 
Children got acquainted with the history of the company and the production process of the factory. With eyes full of interest observed the workshop, learnt what cabinets are used for and how they are made. Children examined everything thoroughly and with curiosity, admiring every single detail.
The guided visit for children was organised by the Personnel department, and was conducted by the Production director Beklemeshev Alexey and Deputy commercial director Goncharov Igor.

Meeting with Naro-Fominsk Technical School

In February 2022, a meeting was held with the Naro-Fominsk Technical School. Co-operation with this educational institution began in 2017. During the period of joint activities, more than 20 students made practical training in our factory. Employed in different positions, the students of the technical school have proved themselves as proactive, responsible and promising specialists. Throughout the entire period of practice they demonstrated good results, constantly striving to improve their professional level. 

In 2022, Arneg Russia signed an agreement with the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and Naro-Fominsk Technical School on the programme "Professionalisation". To discover the  details about the programme watch the video in the video.

We hope that in the future our co-operation and joint work will contribute to the formation of qualified specialists.

Meeting with Naro-Fominsk Technical School


In August 2022, employees of Arneg Russia organised and conducted a guided visit for students of Naro-Fominsk Technical School. Arneg Russia has been co-operating with the technical school for more than 6 years. The technical school provides professional training for young specialists in the following areas: master locksmith, welder, CPU machine operator.

During the visit the students learnt about the history of the company and the production processes in  the factory. They got acquainted with their future profession. We hope that after graduation the students will be employed in our company and become part of our team!


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