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Natural refrigerants

We protect the planet by using sustainable gases


CO2 Natural, safe, economical

Carbon dioxide, identified by code R744, is a natural refrigerant that is promoted by international standards as a way to gradually eliminate synthetic refrigerants.

Only a small volume of CO2 is needed in a refrigeration system to cool a remote appliance and preserve the organoleptic properties of fresh and frozen foods.

Light, high-performance,

Propane, or R290, is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon that boasts excellent thermodynamic properties and does not deplete the ozone layer.

It is best used in refrigerated displays with built-in motors and small refrigerators as it is highly inflammable and should therefore be used only in small quantities. In Europe, there is a limit of 150 g of propane per appliance. For quantities in excess of this figure, risk evaluation must be undertaken in order to obtain certification for use.

Why choose propane?

  • High refrigeration power
  • ODP of 0 and GWP of 3
  • Environmental compatibility
  • High energy efficiency, low cost
  • Ready availability at a low price

Arneg offers a range of plug-in cabinets refrigerated by R290 to suit the needs of both large and small stores: from hypermarkets (discount campaigns and impulse sales) to small shops where every inch of space is important.

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