09-03-2020 to 16-03-2020


The President's words

To all Arneg Group employees and business partners


In this difficult moment, we are addressing all our employees, business partners and stakeholders, a few hours after the issuance of the Prime Ministerial Decree 08/03/2020 concerning further measures to prevent the spread of COVID 19.

In these hours, we are in constant contact with our Trade Association to learn in greater detail the rules for the application of the new provisions and we are comforted by the fact that, at the moment, the production activities are not compromised by the current limitations. We will therefore be able to continue our work while striving to ensure the safety of all interactions with our activities, internally and externally, putting the health of employees, suppliers and customers first.

Our support and thanks go to all the companies - whether large or small - that continue to make their contribution to the production sector in Northern Italy, to which the Arneg Group belongs.

The Arneg Group does not stop, Italy does not stop.

We move forward, with responsibility and sense of civic duty, always respecting our corporate values.


The President

Luigi Finco